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School Procedures and Policies

Contact information: I can be reached at [email protected], or you can send a note with your child.

Drop off and Pick up: Arrival and dismissal are in the front of school. CDC teachers will pick up and drop off from their CDC classrooms.

Absences/ Tardies / Late Pick-up: Please email Jen Lavold at [email protected] and me at [email protected] if your child is absent from school. If you arrive late to school, please sign your child in at the front office and a staff member will walk your child to class. Please be on time when picking your child up at the end of school. If you are running late at pick-up, call the office and meet your child in the front office.

Illness: Please help to reduce the spread of infections in the classroom by keeping your child at home. They must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school. Please email [email protected] and [email protected].


Nutrition Break: Please pack a small snack of one or two healthy items (fruit, yogurt, crackers, veggies or ½ sandwich) and a beverage (water, juice, or milk) for your child every school day. Put it in an insulated lunch box with your child’s name on it. Candy and soda will be sent back home so your child can enjoy them after school. CDC kiddos, please label Room 13 snacks so they don’t accidentally eat them at CDC.

Conferences/Report Cards: Fall parent-teacher conferences will be held in November and December. A Sign Up Genius email request will be emailed to you in advance. Your child’s first trimester report card will be distributed to you at the conference. Two more report cards will go home during the school year, one in March, and one in June. You will receive another Sign-Up Genius email if a March conference is needed.

Homework Folder: Your child will come home with a red folder. There are two sides to the folder. One is a keep at home side and the other is a return to school side. Please remove all items on the keep at home side, and return anything on the return to school side at the end of the weed.

Birthdays: Our school-wide policy does not allow food to be brought in on birthdays. Instead, we celebrate your child’s birthday all day long with a crown, a happy birthday song, and a special celebration. As an option you can wrap a new or gently used book, board game, puzzle, or playground ball and your child will open it in front of the class.

Clothing: Sitting cross-legged or kneeling on the classroom carpet is where your kiddo will spend a lot of their time learning. Please send your child in comfortable clothes and include shorts under skirts or dresses. They learn much better when they are comfortable and confident. Daily we do 10 minutes of morning exercises including, cardio, yoga, and mindful breathing as well as recess activities. To keep your child’s toes safe, we ask you to send your child to school with closed-toe shoes.

Toys/ Personal Items: Please do not allow your child to bring any toys to school. Please write your child’s name with a black sharpie on all of your child’s personal items: backpack, lunchbox, jackets, etc.