Liana McCabe » Mrs. Brauch & Mrs. McCabe 5th Grade

Mrs. Brauch & Mrs. McCabe 5th Grade

Liana McCabe has been teaching since 2009.  She has been teaching at Alta Vista Elementary since 2014 on the 5th grade team.  Liana enjoys teaching.  She says that each day with the students is different because the students bring so much knowledge and wonder into the classroom.  She is both inspired and entertained by her students on a daily basis.  Liana lives in the South Bay with her husband J.R. and their daughters Avery and Harper.  She loves to cook, make new memories with her family, and listen to music.  She is so grateful to be able to job share with Jami Brauch so she can spend time with baby Harper at home.  She says that this is the best of both worlds, getting to spend quality time with Harper and being able to teach.  She feels very lucky to be able to do two things she loves so much!