Berenda Dillon » High Frequency (Sight) Words

High Frequency (Sight) Words

Trimester 1 Kindergarten High Frequency Words (taught September-November):

September: I, a, my, do, to, see, and, like  

October: is, no, go, me, she, will, it, sit, in

November: an, at, you, the, mom, by, dad, on

  • 25 words assessment in November

Trimester 2 Kindergarten High Frequency Words (taught December-February):

December: day, play, up, am, for, look, said, have

January: all, ball, how, now, put, of, boy, girl, if

February: are, not, got, or, his, her, eat, yes

  • 50 word assessment in February

Trimester 3 Kindergarten High Frequency Words (taught March-May):

March: as, has, can, this, that, then, they, with

April: here, saw, jump, out, does, your, come, from, went

May: was, read, what, where, why, who, when, little

  • 75 word assessment in May