Berenda Dillon » Birthday Cake Book, Corduroy, Star of the Week and Shoe Box Library

Birthday Cake Book, Corduroy, Star of the Week and Shoe Box Library

Special Kindergarten Assignments

Birthday Cake Book

It often takes kindergartners awhile to learn all their classmates’ names. Within the first few months of the school year, we will be sending home a binder labeled “The Birthday Cake Book”. Please have your child flip through the pages with you and try to memorize their classmate’s names as they go through the pictures in the book. Your child will try to name all of their friends in class (with my support) the next day. They should also practice reading the book that is inside the binder (The Birthday Cake). Please return the binder and all of its contents to school the day after you receive it, as it will be another child’s turn to take it home.


We LOVE Corduroy in our classroom! At some point between now and the end of the school year your child will come home with Corduroy inside a special backpack. Your child’s job is to take good care of Corduroy and to record his/her weekend adventures with Corduroy in the binder. A parent may do the writing or you can assist your child with the writing. Just make sure I can read it out loud to the class during sharing time. Please include a photo of your child with Corduroy if possible. There are Corduroy books for you to read with your child and a movie to watch inside this special backpack.  Please remember to return the backpack and all of its contents to school on the Monday following your child’s special Corduroy weekend. Your child will share their adventures with the class, then it will be another child’s turn with Corduroy.

Star of the Week

Each child will have a turn to be the “Star of the Week”. Your child will come home with a blank poster to fill out prior to his/her special week with a due date. During your child’s STAR week, s/he will have a special backpack that will go back and forth between school and home during the remainder of the week. Specific directions for what your child should bring to school each day will be included in the backpack. Please ask your child about what the STAR shares each day and help them write the letter to the STAR. This is also a great way to get to know the other children in the class and also ensure your child is listening as others are sharing.

        Shoe Box Library

Your child will decorate an empty shoe box for their own personal library that will be due within the first couple weeks of school. Adult sized shoe boxes work the best. It can be decorated with stickers, wall paper, wrapping paper, glitter, feathers, photos or anything that suits their style. They will use it to store the books that they make in class so they will be able to read these books to listeners. Please keep it nice and neat and in a safe place.