Berenda Dillon » Kindergarten Academic Program

Kindergarten Academic Program

Math Goals:

  • Count
  • Identify numerals
  • Write numerals
  • Solve problems in a variety of ways/think mathematically  (CGI explanation sheet)
  • Add and subtract
  • Understand place value (ones and tens) and teen numbers
  • Describe and compare measurable attributes
  • Identify and describe shapes
  • Sort objects
  • Analyze, compare, create and compose shapes

Language Arts Goals:

  • Identify letters
  • Identify letter sounds (using alpha friends) explanation sheet attached and flash cards
  • Develop phonemic awareness (rhyming, blending, segmenting, syllables etc.)
  • Read all high frequency words with automaticity
  • Read and comprehend Level D text or higher (indicate comprehension of questions related directly to the text as well as questions that require the reader to think beyond the text)
  • Write narrative, informational and opinion pieces (utilizing phonetic spelling,dictation, and illustrations)
  • Learn basic written language conventions (such as ending punctuation)

Computer Technology:

  • Reading Eggs, your child will receive an individual password
  • Raz Kids (will start later in the year) your child will receive an individual password
  • Classroom Tablets to record each other’s presentations, reciting poems
  • Scholastic News website
  • BrainPopJr website - username: AV1 password: wildcats
  • QR codes for listening to stories

We Also Teach:

  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Nutrition – docent lead
  • Garden – docent lead
  • PE – daily morning exercises
  • Music/Motion
  • Public Speaking
  • Visual Art
  • Mind Up! (being mindful) breathing
  • Character Counts Education  - trustworthy, respectful, responsible, kindness (attached pledge)
  • Handwriting without tears (sheet attached)
  • Fine motor skills