Alta Vista Elementary School

Wild Cat Patrol

WCP Students

WCP Students: Ruby, Mia, Aaliyah, Hunter

WCP Students

WCP Students

Alta Vista Wild Cat Patrol Objective

To provide upper grade students with leadership and life building skill opportunities.

Wild Cat Patrol Activities

  • Participate in conflict resolution and anti-bullying strategy trainings
  • Assigned to weekly playground duty to model socially appropriate play for 1st and 2nd graders
  • Assigned to support kindergarten students by modeling socially appropriate play
  • Assigned to delivery lunches and other items dropped off in the office
  • Complete and submit Google Docs update weekly
  • Develop a web page describing the program
  • Participation in monthly Spirit Days
  • Participation in WildCat Wednesdays
  • Participation in College Fridays
  • Assist with Schoolwide Events; Unity Day, Red Ribbon Week, Mix It Up At Lunch, Great Kindness Challenge

WCP Expectations


  • It is expected that you attend all meetings
  • It is expected that you will arrive at school on time every day (except if you are sick or with your family)
  • If you miss 3 meetings, you will be excused from the program
  • If you are absent from school on a meeting day, you must give Dr. Joyce a note from your parent or guardian explaining your absence. Your parent or guardian can also send Dr. Joyce an email,
  • If you are tardy 3 times to school, you will be excused from the program


  • It is expected that you will be respectful to yourself, your classmates, your schoolmates & all adults at school
  • If you are disrespectful on the playground, you will be excused from the program
  • If we receive negative feedback from your teacher or another adult on campus about your choices, you will be excused from the program
  • It is expected that you will complete all your homework & classwork
  • It is expected that if you have a problem with getting your work done, you will ask for help

WCP Goals

Goal 1:  To increase the student body involvement and participation

Goal 2:  To increase the student body connectedness to the school environment

Goal 3:  To provide students with the opportunity to practice and be exposed to ASAC standards outlined in the Career Domain

 C:A1.3 Develop an awareness of personal abilities, skills, interests & motivations

            C:A1.4 Learn how to interact and work cooperatively in teams

            C:A1.5 Learn to make decisions

            C:A1.7 Understand the importance of planning

            C:A1.10 Balance between work & leisure time

            C:A2.9 Utilize time-and task-management skills

Goal 4:  WildCat Patrol will participate and promote the activities outline below

WCP Selection Process Timeline

1. Last month of the school year, selection process begins (applications, interviews & selection).

2. Selection of 2016-2017 WildCat Patrol will be by the end of the previous school year.

3. A maximum of 16 students will be selected (this includes carryovers).

4. Meetings will be held 2x-4xs per month-TBA.

WCP Advisor

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact our Wildcat Advisor: Dr. Joyce Stout